Build Your Community with our MVC Program 🚀

Build Your Community with our MVC Program 🚀

The MVC (Minimum Viable Community) is the most basic setup that brands should start with, in order to build the right foundations for their community. Since community is such a catch-all buzzword, building one can seem ambitious and vague at the same time. At the outset, the idea might not appear immediately actionable. To solve this problem, BCKDRP built on top of Eric Ries' concept of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and developed a program that helps startups achieve a Minimum Viable Community (MVC): the lowest hanging fruit to test community hypotheses with minimal resources. This is a 5-week program designed for young Gen Z/Y startups where we’ll deep-dive into your community efforts, identify hidden insights, and build your MVC from the ground up.

Why Community? ⚡

Treated rarely as a business function, brand communities are more than just purchasers of a product — they’re connected by something deeper that supports and enables the brand to flourish. A thriving community not only buys your product but also consumes your content, talks about it with friends and family, shares their passion for it on social media, and so on. Community is an investment, one that requires extensive insight and collaboration. That’s why we work with just a handful of brands, ensuring they’ll have the right strategy and tools to set up an organic, connected community, use better engagement tactics, and improve their company’s long-term chances of success.

Higher Logic, a human-focused engagement platform, broke the numbers down in a blog of theirs: "The numbers speak for themselves; internal and external communities generate 6,470% ROI for companies. At 2 years: 1,300% At 4 years: 6,200% At 7 years: 7,500% At 10 years: 10,000%"

Program Breakdown 📝

Each phase of the five-week program will be divided into two sessions of 90 and 60 minutes each.

Week 1: Foundation

  • Session One (60 minutes)
    • Why Community: we’ll explain the benefits of community, go over success stories, and establish our approach to building community.
  • Session Two (90 minutes)
    • A thorough rundown of your brand and product offering.
    • Understanding the competitive landscape while benchmarking against other successful communities in your industry.

Outcome: A run-through of your product and brand offering, understanding the competitive landscape and receiving all the foundational elements to build your MVC.

Week 2: Build

  • Session One (90 minutes) Building your core elements - naming the community, defining its purpose, identity, values, member personas, and the appropriate KPIs to track.
  • Session Two (60 minutes)
  • Analyzing the broader strokes and discussions from Session 1 to develop patterns, honing in on core concepts unique to your brand.

Outcome: Get a detailed understanding of why your community exists, who it exists for, and how it expresses itself.

Week 3: Engage

  • Session One (90 minutes) Decoding what good engagement looks like for your brand's community, along with determining a process to acquire, onboard, and retain community members.
  • Session Two (60 minutes)
  • Analyzing the broader strokes and discussions from Session 1 to develop patterns, honing in on core concepts unique to your brand.

Outcome: Build a detailed understanding of where your community exists, how its members interact, and what keeps them engaged.

Week 4: Sustain

  • Session One (90 minutes) Engagement, but prolonged - what it takes to have a long-lasting community. We’ll define decision-making processes, roles and responsibilities, as well as incentive structures.
  • Session Two (60 minutes)
  • Analyzing the broader strokes and discussions from Session 1 to develop patterns, honing in on core concepts unique to your brand.

Outcome: Showcase how decisions are made in your community, who makes them, and how long-term sustainability can be achieved.

Week 5: Finale

  • Session One (90 minutes) Presentation and Recommendations.
  • Session Two (60 minutes)
  • Final Handover, Feedback and Closing.

Outcome 🎁

At the end of the program, you walk away with:

  1. An MVC Framework A customized document of the entire MVC framework in the context of your brand. Includes your specific community definition, build-engage-sustain strategies, and tactical recommendations for immediate implementation.
  2. Tactic Pool A customized list of relevant tactics for events, experiences and other activities to immediately implement within your community.
  3. Go-to-Community Strategy An actionable plan to start with, complete with a launch plan, ideal platforms to utilize, onboarding processes, and so on.
  4. Case Studies Key insights from case studies within your industry.

Gain a deeper understanding through our case study here.

Don't just hear it from us 🗣

"BCKDRP is pioneering the community-as-a-service space — they understand community-building better than any other company I’ve come across." ~Shobith John, Co-founder, fishHook
"Investing in community is like investing in crypto. If you haven't, you know what you’ve missed. Good news is, BCKDRP knows what they're doing." ~Divye Pallav, VP of Design, CoinDCX
"BCKDRP understands Gen Z/Y communities better than most people ever will." ~Gowtham Sundaresan, CEO, Lancify

Apply Now 🚀

Every month we pick 4 startups and deep-dive into what community looks like for them, and how to get started. To apply, sign up with the form below.

FAQs 🤔

Who is this program for?

We primarily designed this program for startup teams: Founders, CMOs, Brand and Community Managers. If your startup needs to build a community, this is for you.

How do I know I’m ready to build a community?

According to us, everybody is — even at the earliest stages of product development. The sooner you understand community fundamentals, the sooner you can leverage its power.

How many people is this geared towards?

Every month we take on 4 brands. Within each workshop, we recommend a maximum of 3 people per company. The workshop is designed to be interactive, but we prefer to keep discussions clear and to the point.

What if I already have my community in place but want to know more?

That’s great! We often find that while some are quick to adopt community-building as a strategy, they jump to execution before chalking out their community's primary outcomes. If you're struggling with your community efforts, we recommend taking this workshop, anyway. In doing so, you may refresh your perspective, choose the most optimum platforms, and clarify your long-term community goals.

What’s the time commitment?

👉🏽 The Weekend Workshop - 3 Sessions of 90 minutes each 👉🏽 The 5-Week Program - 10 Sessions (2/Week), 60-90 minutes each 👉🏽 Community Plus - Get in touch for more details.

How and when will the sessions be conducted?

We hold all sessions over Google Meet. Timings are decided on a week-to-week basis at the attendees' convenience.

I don't believe community is the future.

Aha! We're so glad you're here. Here's some insight from Harvard Business Review. If you still aren't convinced, here's some more from, quite literally, the Future.

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